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Agriculture Weed Control / Landscape Fabric

Plastic Mulch sheeting has been used in the Agriculture industry since the 1950’s. Although being very effective, modern day agriculture weed & landscape fabric offers the agriculture industry more benefits and value.

Agriculture weed and landscape fabrics are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. 

Unlike plastic mulch sheeting, weed & landscape fabric breathes, allowing oxygen and moisture to circulate. The fabric is a non-woven geotextile which allows water to penetrate the soil directly, helping it reach your plants roots better than plastic sheeting.

Benefits of using weed and landscape fabric:

  1. The fabric is re-usable and can be easily cleaned with a hose-pipe. This makes the fabric more environmentally friendly as plastic sheeting needs to be removed and discarded.
  2. The fabric is a non-woven geotextile which allows water to penetrate the soil directly at the plant. With plastic sheeting the water runs off. In effect the fabric saves on water consumption.
  3. It is designed to allow water and air to pass through but to ensure no sunlight reaches the soil below it. In doing this, it prevents weeds from being able to germinate and grow.
  4. Reduces Soil Erosion. It also reduces the soil from becoming compacted. This allows roots to enjoy improved oxygen exchange and excellent microbial activity.
  5. Reduces the labour involved in weeding, and reduces the need for toxic herbicides.
  6. Landscape fabric is made from polyester that offers a natural resistance to UV. The fabric therefore last much longer than seasonal plastic mulch sheeting.

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