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Enviro Rock®

EnviroRock® geocontainers are extremely robust and are designed to be filled with sand, soil, gravel, recycled material, treated materials or a combination of the above such that they form a sable, durable geocontainer.

The versatility and durability of EnviroRock® provides solutions to structures such as walls, groynes, reff structures, flow control structures and other applications in marine and inland waterway environments. The geocontainers are made from a specifically designed and manufactured nonwoven, needlepunched, staple fibre geotextile. Enhanced filtration combined with resistance to puncture, abrasion and UV makes EnviroRock® ideal for use in coastal applications providing maximum durability in harsh conditions. The swen seams are uniquely configured to maximise the mechanical characteristics of the geotextile and provide long term durability in a wide range of environments.