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Envirotuff 203FR ECO

Envirotuff 203 Eco is Fire Retardant as required by the new SANS and TIASA national building regulation. Enviro-tuff is a superior foil that is specially designed to meet global standards. It meets your needs for an effective and cost-effective protection from the ravages harsh weather conditions. Enviro-tuff has high reflection properties. Rigorous tests are constantly conducted to ensure its durability and reliability. It was proven for its effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for providing optimum insulation against radiant heat and moisture vapour. Light in weight, yet strong and durable, Enviro-tuff is designed for easy handling and offers superior quality at a fraction of the overall building cost.

  • Roll dimension: 1250mm x 40m
  • R-Value: 2.31

How Enviro Tuff Supreme 203 Fire Retardant Insulates

Between 87% and 93% of total heat flow into a building is by means of radiation. Significant benefits can be obtained if such heat can be kept out. The most efficient way to do so is first to reflect at least 95% of all long wave radiant heat via the smooth, bright reflective surface of Enviro Tuff 203. Secondly, it is a poor conductor of heat and will only emit about 5% of heat compared with about 90% of ordinary surfaces at similar temperatures.

Insulation Instructions

Fix strainer wires from ridge to eave purlins at 300 – 600 mm centres (depending on the application within 600 mm being the most popular). The wires must run on top of the purlins. Lay Enviro Tuff 203 over the strainer wires from ridge to the eave. Secure Enviro Tuff 203 to leg face of the top purlin, pull taut down to eave and fix to bottom purlin in a similar manner. The Enviro Tuff 203 should be overlapped 150 mm at each joint to ensure that the strainer wires support each lap. (Enviro Tuff 203 is marked for this purpose on the upper side!)

EmissivitASTM C 1371Index≤0.005 (97 ± 2 %)
ConstructionSupplier COAYarns / cm0.8 x 0.8
 WarpSupplier COAdtex340
 WeftSupplier COAdtex340
PAPER SPECGrammageSupplier COAg/m²150 ± 10%
WidthIn-housemm1250 ± 5
 GrammageISO 536g/m²245 ± 10 %
 Tensile StrenghtASTM D 828N/25mm 
 MD  ≥245
 CD  ≥150
 ElongationASTM D 828% 
 MD  ≥2.5
 CD  ≥3.5
 System Thermal ResistanceASTM C 518-15m² K/W≥2.2
 Air gap of 40mm (upper top) at 35°C   
 Air gap of 60mm (bottom lower) at 20°C   
 Fire Performance ClassificationSANS 428 (SANS 10177 Parts 5,10,11)ClassClass B / B1 / 2 / H (SP)