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A proven way to increase productivity

A unique system combining the advantages of container growing with the ease and simplicity of filed growing whilst reducing labour and overhead costs. Manufactured from 100% polyester continuous filaments the GROBAG offers the grower benefits over traditional methods.

Benefits of using GroBags®

1. NON-TEAR. Due to the method of manufacture, the GroBag is extremely strong and will not rear in normal use. Even when roots protrude through the GroBag, once the plant is removed the holes made by the roots will close up.

2. RE-USABLE: Can be used over and over again.

3. ROOT RETENTION: Over 80% of the plants' root system is retained when harvesting. Therefore large calliper trees can be successfully harvested, delivered and sold at almost any time of the year.

4. HARVESTING: As there is no root growth directly downward beneath the bag and only small, fibrous roots penetrate the bag, harvesting becomes a simple, inexpensive exercise and skilled labour is unnecessary.

5. ROOT DISTORTION: There is no root circling or distortion in GroBags. The non-woven fibrous sidewalls of the bags catch and hold the root tips as they grow. When root penetration does occur the roots remain very restricted thus causing more fibrous root development within the GroBag

6. TRANSPLANTATION: The non-circling fibrous root system retained during harvesting gives the plants much faster root regeneration and thus more transplanting success.

7. DEVELOPMENT: Because the roots are contained, the concentration of stored food within the stem and roots is very high. This means greater stem calliper and branch development and very rapid root development into the surrounding soil once the GroBag is removed.

8. LAND UTILIZATION: Due to ease of harvesting where no large and expensive equipment is required, the spacing is only dictated by plant requirements, whilst still allowing selective harvesting. This gives per plant savings in overheads, fertilisation and weed control costs.

9. GROBAGS ADVANTAGES: Increase growth, Easy Handling, Quick Harvesting, Affordable, Tear Resistant.

25ltr280 x 280 x 320
40ltr320 x 320 x 400
50ltr350 x 350 x 420
60ltr380 x 380 x 420
75ltr400 x 400 x 470
100ltr450 x 450 x 500
150ltr550 x 550 x 500
200ltr550 x 550 x 670