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Garden Gabions

The Garden Gabion is a more decorative gabion when compared to the Civil Construction gabion. The Garden Gabion can be used in and around your home in the following applications.

  • Smaller Garden retaining walls
  • Decorative or internal wall feature
  • Raised garden beds
  • Fencing
  • Water Features

Garden Gabions are manufactured with Square Welded Mesh Class A Galvanised – Mesh Size 75mm x 75mm x 3.15mm wire. Layflat with separate lid and binding wire coil for assembly.

Sizes available are as follows

  • 1x1x1
  • 1x0.5x0.5
  • 1x1x0.3
  • 1x1x0.5
  • 2x1x1
  • 2x0.5x0.5
  • 2x1x0.3
  • 3x1x1
  • 3x1x1
  • 3x1x0.3
  • 3x1x0.5

All Gabion mesh is Class A Galvanised mild tensile steel, to provide flexibility, and supplied packed flat for installation and filling on site. The small Gabion can be filled with glass bottles, rock, timber logs, building rubble, roof tiles or whatever you have available or would like to decorate the basket with.

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