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Jointex Jointformer



Nane 30 Jointformer / Jointex is used as an expansion/contraction joint former for paving, pool decks, concrete flooring, between columns and brickwork.


  1. Has good compression qualities with good recovery capacity.
  2. Tear off strip can be applied, leaving a clean, neat and perfectly sized groove providing a consistent depth for joint sealant.
  3. Rolls are 25mtr per roll
  4. Material is flexible making it easy to use around corners.
  5. Waterproof does not disintegrate, rot or swell.
  6. No bond breaker required
Density:  Nominal 30kg/m³
Thickness:  2mm-50mm
Cell Structure:  Closed cell
Colour:  Grey
Compression Set:  51,24%
Tensile at Peak:  426,24 KPA
Chemical Resistance:  Resists most chemicals
Flexibility:  Good
Temperature Range:  -20° to +60°
Water Vapour Transmission Rate:  Minimal
Water Vapour Permeance:  Minimal
UV Resistance:  Not UV Resistance


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