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Greenhouse Plastics

  • Greenhouse plastic sheeting is manufactured to suit South African conditions.
  • The thickness is 200micron and available in 7.5mtr and 11.5mtr wide.
  • U.V. Stabilised with the latest technology in U.V. Stabilisers to give you longer film life.
  • It allows +- 88% light transmission.
  • Greenhouse sheeting has a +- 5-year lifespan depending on weather conditions. In very windy areas you can cover the greenhouse sheeting with a 40% white shade cloth.
  • Addition of light diffusion agent can increase the uniformity of plant and quality of the plants due to the effect of diffused light.
  • Antifogging agents control water droplets (condensate) for greater light transmission and diffusion and less spread of disease problems.
  • Better climate control with the addition of infrared inhibitors ( IR).
  • U.V. Blockers to reduce the transmittance of harmful U.V. to the plants and lessening the chances of a Botrytis problem, giving you a suitable light transmittance for your crop.


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