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Greenhouse Plastics

Our greenhouse plastic sheeting is manufactured to suit the South African conditions. We have various types available: 180micron Nickel (Yellow) High Diffusing, 200micron Diamant High Diffusing and 200micron High Diffusing Clear Anti Drip.

Advantages and benefits of our greenhouse plastic:

  • Our greenhouse (180micron and 200micron) is U.V. Stabilised with the latest technology to give you a longer film life.
  • Our greenhouse allows +- 88% light transmission.
  • With the addition of a light diffusion agent it can increase the uniformity of plants and the quality of the plants.
  • Better climate control with the addition of infrared inhibitors ( IR).
  • V. Blockers reduces the transmittance of harmful U.V.’s to the plants and lessening the chances of a Botrytis problem.

Our 200micron Clear plastic features an Anti-drip effect. Droplets formed at the inside surface of greenhouse films due to water-condensation have negative consequences on plant quality and growth, as they reduce light-transmission by 15-30% and increase the incidence of certain diseases

Our 200micron Clear plastic is an "anti-dripping" film that contains special additives which eliminate droplets and instead form a continuous thin layer of water running down the sides.

Anti-dripping films, when used properly, offer the following benefits:

  • More light in the greenhouse
  • Higher crop yield
  • Earlier harvesting
  • Better quality of crop, higher commercial value
  • Fewer diseases
  • Reduced need for pesticides

These are the following sizes we stock:

Thickness 200mic:

6.5m (W) x 755m (L)

7.5m (W) x 600m (L)

9.5m (W) x 500m (L)

14m (W) x 300m (L)

15m (W) x 300m (L)


Thickness 180mic:

6.5m (W) x 755m (L)

When submitting your enquiry, it is important to send us the following information:

1: We can cut to the length you require so send us the micron, width and length you require.

2: We can arrange third party transport at an extra cost, give us the exact delivery address when submitting your enquiry.



Contact us at info@ppplastics.co.za