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SABS Alucushion

Alucushion is Fire Retardant as required by the new SANS and TIASA national building regulation. Alucushion is a superior performance thermal insulation material, it is simple to use and cost effective. The product is manufactured using a modern sophisticated continuous laminating process and consists of a layer of low density Polyethylene air cells laminated on both sides with Aluminum Foil or alternatively on the one side with a white Polyethylene layer which provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to the underside.

Alucushion uses the thermos principal of providing a reflective barrier along with adjacent air space to keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter. The thousands of sealed air bubbles trap dry air effectively countering heat penetration through convection or conduction. The latest technology and material are used in the manufacturing process ensuring the best thermal protection for both domestic and commercial applications. The product furthermore provides the added protection of an extra heavy-duty vapour barrier. 

Alucushion will not propagate fire and does not present a fire hazard when installed in a building.

Technical & Thermal Benefits of Alucushion

  1. Clean, strong, light and flexible.
  2. Odourless, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-allergic.
  3. Vermin and insect resistant, inert, waterproof, excellent tear resistance.
  4. Irritant-free – no loose fibres to irritate skin, eyes, nose or lungs.
  5. Energy efficient, insulation and vapour barrier in one.
  6. Heat stabilized for durability and effective in a temperature range of 20deg C to 80deg C.
  7. Quick and easy to install.
  8. Extremely cost effective.
  9. Alucushionhas been tested for fire resistance and classification in accordance with SANS 10177
  10. Colour choice white or black.
  11. UV protected.