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Insulated Packaging Liners

Do you transport fresh produce or temperature sensitive cargo? P&P Plastics Insulated packaging Liners offers you the perfect solution.

What is Insulated Packaging Liner?

Insulated packaging Liner is a product designed to protect cargo during transport/export of temperature-sensitive cargo’s. The liner is a woven Reflective Foil laminate consisting of a – Highly reflective aluminium layer, polyethylene sheeting, woven polyethylene and a metal layer. The liner is provided on a roll with size 1.25 x 36mtr per roll. The same material is used to insulate domestic and industrial roofing.

Benefits of using Insulated Packaging Liner

  • The Liner protects cargo by reflecting up to 97% of radiant energy.
  • The liner has a fire retardant layer, so if a fire starts, it will immediately be starved of oxygen.
  • The Liners are reusable.
  • The woven material is extremely strong and cannot be ripped open with bare hands.
  • The material is NOT transparent, which has proved extremely successful in the prevention of theft.
  • Very cost effective.

Applications and Uses Examples

  • Wine export
  • Pharmaceutical export/import and transportation.
  • Fruit juice and fruit juice concentrate.
  • Spices
  • Fresh Produce
  • Chocolate and cocoa
  • Tobacco
  • Fresh meat transport

How to use the Insulation Liner

  1. Pack your product onto a pallet
  2. Wrap the entire pallet with the insulating liner and then wrap the entire pallet with plastic pallet wrap.
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