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A Low-Level Crossing / Bridge provides a bridge when water is low. Under high-flow / Heavy rain conditions, the bridge allows water to run over the roadway. More and more we see the need for replacement of old and unsafe bridges on low volume traffic roads, ie farm river crossings.

Building a Low-Level Crossing / Bridge is a low-cost effective solution. The approach is cheaper than building a bridge that needs to be raised to the level of the road above the highest flood stage of a river.

Structures built from double twist hexagonal wire mesh gabions and mattresses offer many technical and economic advantages over other possible systems, such as rip rap, cement or concrete.

These advantages include;

  • Simplicity and easy installation
  • Ease of finding suitable fill materials locally
  • Ease of construction even in arid locations
  • Unskilled labour can be used
  • Flexibility
  • Low – Cost
  • Ease of Maintenance

Below we have an example of a low-level river crossing installed in The Baviaans Kloof in the Eastern Cape. Gabion baskets  size 4mtr length x 1mtr wide x 1mtr high was used and Mattresses size 6mtr length x 2mtr wide x 0.3mtr height.

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