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Roof Insulation & Ducting

P&P Plastics Pty Ltd is suppliers of Domestic and Industrial Insulation as well as waterproofing products.

Our products comply with South African National Standard 204:2011 for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Our products are also listed under TIASA (Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa) as approved products.

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  • UT WOVEN - Woven Undertile Membrane

Domestic Insulation

  • Envirotuff 202FR - Double Sided Reflective Foil. Envirotuff is a light super strong roof underlay specially formulated for roof, waterproofing and dustproofing of buildings. It is a double or single sided reflective foil with super strong woven Polyethelene reinforcing. 202 can withstand temperatures between -30’c and 100’c and will not shrink, crack or delaminate.
  • Envirotuff 201FR - Single side white, reflective foil.
  • Isotherm Green - Non-Toxic polyester fibre

Industrial Insulation

  • Envirotuff FR202 - Double-sided reinforced aluminium foil.
  • Envirotuff 203ECO - Commercial and industrial
  • SABS Alubulle and Alucushion - Single and double sided
  • Sisalation® FR 405 – Light industrial foil insulation and Sisalation® FR 430 – Heavy industrial foil insulation

Ducting Insulation

  • Sonic Liner - Glasswool: A flexivle internal lining for HVAC Ducts
  • Ductwrap - Glasswool: Termal Insulation blanket for HVAC ducts