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Save Water with Spaarwater

South Africa is currently facing a massive water crisis. We all need to do everything in our power to save or recycle water. P&P Plastics offers a simple solution that every household can afford.

Our product is called Spaarwater and it’s the perfect water saving and water recycling product.

Rainwater Harvesting and Collection

Did you know that for every 1mm rain on a 1m² roof space, you will collect 1 litre of water? For example, the average double garage is 40m²; meaning that every 1mm of rain will yield 40 litres of water!

Simply attach the Spaarwater tubing to your gutter or downpipe with a zip tie. Let the rainwater collect in a tank, lead into your swimming pool or use for garden watering or livestock drinking water.

Greywater Recycling (Bathroom Sinks, Showers and Bathtubs)

Saving valuable drinking water is the main purpose of recycling greywater. Instead of using fresh water for irrigating your garden, use bathroom sink, shower and bathtub water for this purpose. It can also be used for laundry washing, window washing, car washing, industrial use and toilet flushing.

All you need to do is attach the Spaarwater tube to the water outlet pipe with a zip tie and lead out to your garden. It is not advisable to store greywater, as it will develop an odour.

The Spaarwater tubing is sold per meter or in 35m rolls. The plastic is 200µ (micron) thick and has a lay-flat measurement of 15cm.

Call us today for a quote. We will courier direct to your door, anywhere in South Africa or abroad.